This half-day workshop in Glasgow will help you manage your time more effectively, identify ways to save time and demonstrate how you can be better organised to achieve peak efficiency. It will also help you to understand the importance of, and techniques for, setting and achieving goals.

Making the most of your time at work by getting a grip on workflow, planning effectively and being able to delegate where necessary will result in a calmer approach to goal-setting and achievement – and help eliminate procrastination and time-wasting.

Sound delegation and follow-up and a more organised approach will also help to reduce stress and overload.

Event Outline

  • Understand the power of becoming more efficient
  • Learn how to prioritise goals to achieve the maximum return
  • Adopt strategies for effective time management
  • Identify and eliminate time-wasters
  • Understand how to stop procrastinating and reduce interruptions
  • Become better organised at work
  • Be confident in delegating appropriately

To book your place send us an email. Places are limited and will be on a first come, first saved basis.

This event is FREE to all SWA members but should you fail to attend or cancel three days or less prior to the workshop you will be charged the full price of £80 + VAT.

Date: Tuesday, 12th March 2019
Time: 1pm to 4pm
Venue: JW Filshill, Ainslie Avenue, Hillington Park, Glasgow, G52 4HE