An Election Manifesto for the Scottish Parliament election taking place on May 5 has been presented by the Scottish Wholesale Association.

Prepared by Margaret Smith, who represents our lobbying and public affairs interests, the manifesto outlines the importance to the economy of the Scottish Wholesale Association and the Scottish wholesale sector.

As well as outlining what our members do and where they are located geographically, the manifesto makes clear that the Association and its members are committed to building a stronger relationship with the next Scottish Government and Parliament. It reiterates that members are at the heart of their communities so there are a wide range of issues which impact on their businesses and their workforce.

SWA priorities for the next Scottish Government include:

  • Recognition of the importance of the food and drink wholesale distribution sector and a commitment to pro-active engagement with wholesalers
  • Improvement of the business environment for the wholesale distribution sector
  • Rejection of a Scottish deposit return system (DRS)
  • Delivery of a proportionate, consolidated alcohol licensing regime
  • Responsive, responsible public procurement
  • Tackling skills shortages affecting the wholesale sector
  • Commitment to Capital infrastructure investment
  • Appointment of a new Cabinet Secretary for Business