The Sale of Tobacco (Display of Tobacco Products and Prices)(Scotland) Regulations 2012: The Scottish Wholesale Association has issued tobacco display guidelines for wholesalers who may be unclear about what changes are required.

Wholesalers do not need to make changes to their tobacco display for the time being. The SWA has received a copy of the final regulations proposed by the Scottish Government will explain what they mean for your business in the next few weeks.

The changes you have to make will depend on whether you are a 'Bulk Tobacconist' or 'Trade Tobacconist'.

Please all Scott Brady, independent adviser to the Association, on 07879 448 404 if you have any queries. Scott can also help you draw up a compliance plan.

The Scottish Wholesale Association has been working very closely with officials at the Scottish Government to ensure that any changes required can be implemented in a straight-forward and cost-efficient manner.