The Scottish Wholesale Association is a proactive organisation that is 100% committed to its members.

This means that we have a duty to fully understand - and respond to - the many challenges and changes within the wholesale industry.

Key objectives are to:

  • Represent the best interests of our wholesale members and the 6,500-plus people employed within the Scottish wholesale industry
  • Facilitate a channel for communication between wholesale and supplier members
  • Provide networking opportunities for all our members
  • Encourage and promote training within the industry, drawing on the expertise of our supplier members
  • Lobby the Scottish Parliament and Scottish Government on key issues affecting the trade and raise the funds necessary to enable us to carry out this function effectively and comprehensively
  • Offer unbiased advice to our members on all areas of relevant legislation


Providing an effective communications channel between our Members and the 15,000-plus people employed within the Scottish wholesale industry is the first of the Scottish Wholesale Association's six key pillars.


Never before has the wholesale sector been faced with so much legislation. Changing demographics within the Scottish population and trends in our nation's lifestyle – and the creation of the Scottish Parliament and Scottish Government – have inevitably brought with them new issues and policies for the SWA and its Members to take on board.


The SWA can provide practical advice, support and compliance material in several key areas, including: health & safety law, food hygiene Law and HACCP, fire safety law, anti-money laundering responsibilities, licensing requirements, waste management and recycling, and company training courses. We can help you by liaising on your behalf with enforcement officers and providing workable solutions for businesses to comply with the law.


The Scottish Wholesale Association’s long-established product knowledge seminars covering a wide range of sectors continue to be well received by our Members with many over-subscribed. We also offer courses and workshops focusing on specific areas, for example, Core Selling Skills.


The Scottish Wholesale Association’s Mentoring Programme is designed to improve skills and nurture emerging talent within the Scottish wholesale industry.


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