The Wholesale Local Food Champion training programme was launched in 2023 and is funded and supported by the Scottish Government. The training is free to employees within Scotland’s wholesale sector.

An extension of SWA’s Delivering Growth Through Wholesale producer initiative, the aim of the Wholesale Local Food Champion programme is to provide individuals within wholesale businesses with the knowledge they need to take responsibility for shaping their company’s local sourcing strategy. In becoming a Champion, they are taking an active role in creating a strong and sustainable local food and drink supply chain.

Together, by training both wholesalers and producers through the Wholesale Local Food Champion and Delivering Growth Through Wholesale programmes, SWA is helping to educate both the buyer, and seller, to create a common language that both can relate to.

The Wholesale Local Food Champion programme enables wholesalers to tell producers about their commitment to local sourcing, what they are looking for, how they operate, and how to maximise sales once a listing is agreed.

The training consists of two half-day virtual workshops.

What You Will Learn

  • Understand the commercial advantages of embracing a local sourcing strategy
  • Learn how to support and promote Scottish local producers in wholesale
  • Gain knowledge and skills to become an influencer and educator on market trends, product category advice, and marketing support
  • Understand range prioritising

To find out more, or to express your interest in the next Wholesale Local Food Champion training opportunity, contact us at or fill out the form on our Contact Page.