The Tobacco Display Ban Guidance has been published by the Scottish Government with the Scottish Wholesale Association helping to shape the new legislation.

In 2010, the Scottish Government published a set of draft regulations regarding the display of tobacco products in shops and cash and carries.

It has been quite a journey from the original legislation (Tobacco and Primary Medical Services (Scotland) Act 2010 (Display of Tobacco and Prices) Regulations 2010) to what we have now (The Sale of Tobacco (Display of Tobacco Products and Prices) (Scotland) Regulations 2012).

From 29 April, 2013, the new legislation on tobacco products and prices will affect large shops selling tobacco products. Small shops will have until April 2015 to comply.

The implementation date for the ban on sales of tobacco products from automatic vending machines will also be 29 April, 2013.

The regulations came into force in early 2012 in England and, in late 2012, in both Northern Ireland and Wales. In this respect, cash and carries in Scotland have fared better - this is mostly thanks to the judicial review process.

In Scotland, the SWA has been successful in securing a less onerous and more flexible regime than that imposed by the Department of Health in England.

You can find the Guidance here.

You can also download the SWA's own leaflet on this page.