SWA has responded to the Scottish Government’s consultation on ending the sale of energy drinks to children and young people. Our full consultation response can be downloaded below

Because members and their customers follow the voluntary code of restricting the sale to 16+, SWA and members have not objected to putting a mandatory age restriction on the sale to under 16s. We have asked the Scottish Government to ensure that the legislation is aligned with the legislation being introduced in England.

We have also raised concern over the burden being placed on the "seller" to enforce and police the sale of the drinks, without consequence to the person trying to purchase the goods. This simply adds another potential area for conflict between the public and retail staff, at a time where retail crime against shop workers is on the rise.

SWA has also recommended that this legislation should not be a stepping stone to further legislation on other products such as coffee or sports drinks. The Federation of Wholesale Distributors has responded to a similar English consultation and supported the prohibition of sales to customers under the age of 16.