Jim Cummiskey, chief executive office, Fáilte Group

The Scottish Wholesale Association has confirmed the appointments of three new members to its Council.

Jim Cummiskey, chief executive officer of the independent Glasgow-based Fáilte Group, has become a member as has Philip Jenkins, chief executive of the buying and marketing group Sugro which has eight members in Scotland. Meanwhile, John Kinney, retailer director of the Today’s Group, has been co-opted to replace the late Bill Laird while David Lamb, trading director of CJ Lang, has stepped down.

Eddie Lynagh, president of the Association, said: “I’m delighted to welcome Jim, Philip and John to our Council which has been expanded in order to reflect a heavier workload given all the areas in which we are involved: lobbying, liaison, events – the Annual Conference and Achievers, our hugely successful awards initiative – legislation and, of course, training.

“We have excellent representation from across our membership which has wholesalers operating cash and carry depots, wholesalers delivering to retail outlets the length and breadth of the country and our foodservice specialists who service restaurants, pubs, clubs, prisons, schools, care homes, ferry operators, and the offshore and shipping sectors.

“The diversity of our members’ customer portfolios dictates that we have broad representation on our Council and I looking forward to welcoming Jim, Philip and John to our next meeting and working with them and our existing Council members to help drive our Association and ensure we continue to meet the needs of our wider membership.”