To assist wholesalers, producers, suppliers and end-users, the Scottish Wholesale Association is trying to keep the wheels turning and keep members' businesses open.

Former Unitas Wholesale business development manager has joined the Scottish Wholesale Association (SWA) as member development and liaison officer.

The Scottish Government has committed to introducing low emission zones (LEZ) into Scotland’s four biggest cities: Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Dundee. Each zone is being designed based on local requirements following consultation. SWA and members have already submitted responses to Edinburgh and Glasgow’s consultations and recently attended LEZ events in both cities.

Food Standards Scotland (FSS) is preparing Scottish regulations to provide for the enforcement of a regulation which lays down detailed rules on the provision of food information to consumers, indicating the country of origin or place of provenance of a primary ingredient where it is not the same as the origin of the food as a whole.

SWA has responded to the Scottish Government’s consultation on ending the sale of energy drinks to children and young people. Our full consultation response can be found at Energy Drink response

SWA has produced a downloadable COVID-19 workplace poster to help inform your visitors and staff on how to prevent the spread of infection. Please see below to download.  

We examine how by the way you communicate it impacts both on yourself as well as those that you are communicating with.

The workshop will look at the importance of good listening, speaking and writing skills as well as their use within emails/media. Use this course to help develop sound interpersonal communications with your peers and your managers.

Congratulations again to all the winners of Scottish Wholesale Achievers 2020 and sincere thanks also to our sponsors.

WHOLESALERS from across Scotland have been rewarded for their innovation, excellence and professionalism at the prestigious Scottish Wholesale Achievers awards. 

SWA is excited to announce the launch of its new online Training Academy website: